Marisol Martinez-Escobar

Marisol (@marisolmtzesc) is a social scientist and knows firsthand the struggle of growing up LBGTQ in Mexico.  Whisper to Shout is a concept spun off her ongoing research into the steady decline of exclusive lesbian bars in Mexico, Spain and the U.S.

  • User experience researcher Marisol
  •  PhD, Mechanical Engineering & Human Computer Interaction, Iowa State University
  • Expertise in interview and survey-based research, tech wearables, gaming, teens and communication, and medicine
  • Assisted in courtroom enforcement of marriage equality for the state of Iowa as part of One Iowa
  • Grad adviser for LGBTQ at Iowa State University
  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters volunteer since 2014
  • Hobbies: hip hop dance, marathoner


  • Researcher, co-director.  Roles: planning, interviewing, translation, video editing, budget.

Contact Us:

Twitter: susurroalgrito
IG: susurroalgrito

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